2014 — 2016

Innovating in Space

Posted on by Zac

This week we moved into our new office, the Innovation Space, in amongst the University buildings in the Halpern House.

The Innovation Space, Halpern House

The second floor is home to different graduate start-ups, it’s an incubator space of sorts and let’s different creatives and entrepreneurs work amongst each other. Makes sense really, it’s a lot easier to bounce ideas around and collaborate on projects. 'bulb' emoji

We were planning to move into the refurbished prison cell blocks in the Historic Dockyard provided as part of the Into the Cell Block programme. As it’s still under construction until the new year we were offered this office instead.

It’s turned out really well as we’ve already been helping each other out as there’s a good mix of skillsets. The floor isn’t full yet, we’re expecting it to get pretty rowdy soon. 'smile' emoji

We’ll be updating the blog with what we’re up to so follow us on Twitter for when we post next.